The Caribbean Island sets the backdrop for Elizabeth Hurley’s new festive film

Elizabeth Hurley stars in romantic festive comedy “Christmas in the Paradise”, the fifth film set in the idyllic location of Nevis, Caribbean, produced by MSR Media’s Philippe Martinez.

Written by Martinez alongside Nathalie Cox, the film follow’s Joanna’s (Elizabeth Hurley) plans for a quiet, cozy holiday season, which are shattered when her sisters call with the news that their dad (Kelsey Grammer) has been dumped by his fiancée and has disappeared to Nevis and is not responding to any calls. The sisters decide to go to the island to save their father and bring him home for Christmas.

Upon their arrival in ‘Paradise’ they discover that their Dad James is actually living his best life: hanging out at beach bars, playing music with his famous friend Jimmy, living in a charming resort and participating in yoga on the beach, Nevis style, with the beautiful instructor. Will the sisters’ chaotic arrival shatter James’ newfound peace? Can the newly reconnected Christmas family survive a crazy Christmas?

The film is set amongst the picturesque backdrop of Nevis, where viewers can take in the sights of the magnificent Nevis Peak, hear the clear blue sea and imagine walking along the sandy beaches.

Devon Liburd, CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority said: “It’s remarkable to see the island of Nevis in all its beauty, once again being captured on the big screen. Travel has been unpredictable for many people over the past few years and this movie gives people a real taste of island life in Nevis, hopefully enticing them to book their tickets to experience it in person.

As well as being a wonderful place to holiday, Nevis is fast becoming the perfect film location for production houses, for its easy access, wonderful views and outstanding hospitality. We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did”

Christmas in Paradise is available on Prime Video, from November 11, 2022



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