Nevis is a small island, just thirty-six square miles in size. So it will come as no surprise to learn that you can comfortably drive around the island in a short period of time along its twenty mile main road which runs all the way round.

Naturally there are other roads which intersect the main road and lead you to charming villages and sites in the interior of the island.

Take A Taxi

Taxis are available at the airport, hotels and in Charlestown, the capital. Look out for their bright yellow license plates which start with the letters T or TA. The drivers are friendly, courteous and will ensure you enjoy a safe ride.

Rent A Car

Rental cars are available all over the island. They carry red license plates which begin with the letters R or RA. Please note cars drive on the left in Nevis so most rental vehicles are right-hand drive.

Take A Bus in Nevis

Travel like a Nevisian and get closer to the local culture. Buses are small minivans with names painted on the front. They have green license plates starting with the letters H or HA. You can board a bus anywhere on the main road, just flag it down.

Rent A Bike

 Cycling is popular with the locals and a great way for visitors to explore. You can rent bikes from bike shops or simply ask your hotel to arrange a rental.

Take A Walk

You probably won’t walk all the way round the island but a stroll, especially around Charlestown, is a great way to experience the history, sites and meet the people of Nevis.

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