Joys Of A Garden

I wanted to grow a garden but the rain would not fall. I drew water from the well every day but the ground stayed hard, so I waited for the dry season to pass. Six months went by. When the rains finally came it took two weeks before the hard ground had softened enough to grow anything other than the thorny trees and scrub that seemed to be imperishable.

Vacation To Nevis and Reset Your Life

It is time to begin the life reset you deserve.

I distinctly remember the first time I set foot on Nevis. I had just moved to its sister-island (St. Kitts) a few weeks earlier for my first teaching job. Travelling across The Narrows for a weekend getaway with a few new friends, we loaded our Jeep onto the SeaBridge ferry and set sail for 20 minutes.

I knew nothing about the island when I arrived, but I became its biggest fan by the time the weekend was done. When we are finally allowed to travel again I will be travelling, and Nevis will be one of my top destinations and after reading this article, I hope you will be there too!

Nevisians are Friendly, Courteous, and Very Likable

Terry Elkins is an artist based in New York. He and his wife first visited Nevis on their honeymoon in January of 2018. 

My wife and I first visited Nevis on our honeymoon in January of 2018. We stayed at the Four Seasons. What’s not to like about that place? We toured the island and enjoyed meeting the people. Nevisians are friendly, courteous, and very likable.

Why I Made Nevis My Home

Jennifer Harding-Marlin is a Nevisian emigrant and a lawyer at JH Marlin. 

I first visited Nevis via sailboat at the age of 14 with a group of friends. We anchored the sailboat and swam to the shores of Pinneys beach and enjoyed an afternoon lunch at famous Sunshine’s Bar & Grill. It wasn’t hard to immediately fall in love with the Island for its tranquillity, natural beauty and friendly atmosphere.

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