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Vaughn Anslyn was born in the Island of Nevis, where he has become a household name when it comes to art. His colourful life’s journey has influenced his creative pursuits, which range from portraits to murals, event décor, signage, carpentry, and bodypainting.


Vaughn is completely self-taught, having begun drawing as a pre-teen, and continuing to perfect and grow his natural talents through practice.

Vaughn began by drawing faces in pencil – learning to shade became the defining point of his artistic style. He chose everyday people as his subjects - from friends to drifters - and brought to life their stories through his art. The simple charms of Caribbean living are dear to Vaughn, which he captures through both realism and abstract art. From shaded portraits he graduated to paintings, working with almost every medium available.

Vaughn’s work is prolific across St. Kitts and Nevis, and is also making its way across the globe as demand for his talents increases. He is known at home for his murals and street art, which can be seen across both islands. His bold and innovative pieces are characterized by his exacting precision and the quality he assigns to everything that he does.

As a solopreneur running his Vaughn Anslyn Designs operation, Vaughn loves the freedom of being able to pursue projects that excite him and challenge his imagination. He’s inspired by many other artists from across the various fields his own artwork spans, but especially, Boris Vajello, a noted fantasy artist.

Vaughn’s love for his work is his biggest motivator. His goal is to try to become better than he was yesterday, in the hope of discovering his full potential as a creator of art.

Vaughn Anslyn Design

Ramsbury Site,

Tel: +1-869-665-8727

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