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Why I Fell In Love With Nevis

I fell in love with the island of Nevis on the boat ride over, to be honest. I was handed a Ting with a big smile from the boat’s captain and could feel the kindness before even touching foot to ground.

It didn’t take long for me to be won over by the Nevis landscape. It’s a New Yorker’s dream escape from the concrete that we traverse with stilettos and uncomfortable designer shoes. It’s the real jungle in the sense that everything green is preserved, allowed to grow wild in all its splendor and beam with immaculate pride as Nevis Peak does. I know because I climbed it!

I may be a city girl but I’m also a nature loving wanderluster who found Nevis to be an exceptional destination to indulge in. You can be social here or you can be quiet. It really depends on the experience you craft with your hotel and guides. I personally always choose to adventure, which means I get to know my local guides pretty well, whether it’s on a 3 hour bike tour around the entire island or a waterfall hike through the Nevis rainforests. When I’ve returned to the island, I’ve even sought out my previous tour guides because I enjoyed their company and friendship so much. This, to be honest, is not something I’ve experienced in other vacation destinations. The moments you have in Nevis aren’t “commercial” or a dime a dozen. They are special and feel uniquely your own.

During my trips to Nevis, I’ve always felt like family. You dine like family at the Hermitage Plantation Restaurant and are embraced like family at resorts like Nisbet Plantation whose long history and famous guests are stories you’ll be told and very quickly become a part of yourself.


Sometimes when you travel through the island, you feel like you’re on a discovery trip. Pieces of history like abandoned sugar mills are there for you to walk through, touch and learn about. Even Alexander Hamilton’s original home is maintained for you to browse and read about his incredible life and accomplishments.

Nevis is a gorgeous, natural island. There is a lot to do but it isn’t screaming at you with neon signs and sales people trying to sell you day trips. This island welcomes you but also challenges you to seek out the experience you’d like to have. Is it delicious food? Adventures? Mind-body spirituality? Sightseeing on ATV’s or relaxing at a pool nearby the ocean? Whatever it is, you can do that here, and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with Nevis—because every time I return I find new parts of the island to see…new beaches to film on…new resorts to stay at…new faces to show me all that Nevis has to offer. Next up for me are the Nevis Hot Springs and I also can’t wait to return to Chrishi Beach Club and have a delicious seafood salad while listening to the ocean waves break.

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